Pointing your domain to Yola

You can move your site to Yola, while still keeping the old domain name. In this article, you are going to learn how to point a domain to a new host (Yola) by changing the domain’s nameservers. Here are step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Enter your pointed domain name

  1. In My Yola, go to the Domains area. 



2. Scroll down to the area Add a domain you already own and expand the tab Want to keep your domain registered with another registrar?



3. Enter the domain name which you would like to point to your Yola site.

4. Specify which website you want this domain to point to. Next to the Use this domain for pick the site from the drop-down menu: 


 Click Add.

 Note: Only a previously published website can be pointed to a third-party domain.

The pointing process has started. Yola will generate a CNAME record which you need to enter in your third-party domain name registrar: 


Copy the CNAME record and keep it handy. 

Note: You should copy the record entirely, including the dot.


Step 2. Entering the CNAME at your registrar

1. Log in to your domain registrar (e.g. Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc). For this example, we will use the domain registered on Bluehost.

2. Proceed to its DNS management area. Most often, it’s located under the menu Domains:


3. Create the new CNAME record. Enter the CNAME you have copied from Yola in the corresponding field. Save the changes. You should see the new CNAME record in the list:


Please note that it can take some time to complete the setup. If your domain has not been pointed after 24 hours, please contact the customer support team for assistance.



My domain is not pointing. What should I do?

Pointing usually takes up to 1-2 minutes. If the progress has not changed after an hour or so, please check the spelling in the CNAME record. Make sure nothing is misspelled.


Do I add CNAME record or change www record?

In some cases, you will need to change the www record for your pointing domain. You can do it in the same DNS management area of your domain provider. Always check the instructions of your domain name provider before making changes.



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