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Videos block helps you add an embedded video to your page. There are many benefits of adding a custom video to your website. You can add a DIY video tutorial, video testimonial, or a demo of your product. Videos are a great way to get your message across in a format that visitors easily digest.

Here’s how to add the Videos block:

  1. Choose a location where you want to add your contact details and/or contact forms and click on the Add a block + button.
  2. In the Block Library, navigate to the Videos section in the menu on the left and click on a block that fits your website strategy.  You can choose to add a Videos block with different backgrounds. You can customize the layout of each block once you add it to the page.
  3. Click on the Videos block and it will appear on your page. 

Customizing block settings

You have several options to make the Videos block truly yours. To activate the control panel, click anywhere on the block and then click the Block Settings icon:


In the Layout section, you can fully switch the block layout or hide some of the block elements. To fully switch the block layout, simply click the respective button and select a new block content layout:


To hide a specific block element (for example, if you want to remove a button), remove the blue tick next to its name.

In the Appearance tab, you can make the following changes:

  • Block style: Change the color scheme of the block.
  • Block spacing: Change the whitespaces on the top and bottom of the block.
  • Background settings: Add a black & white filter to the background of this block.
  • Media settings: Add a black & white filter to the video within this block.

Once you are done customizing block settings, click Save.

Editing text in the title

To replace the demo text with your own text in the Video block, simply click on any line anywhere on the page and start typing. You can also paste the text from a text editor you are using.

Learn more about how to edit your text.

Embedding the video

You can embed the video instead of uploading it to your website. This helps to keep your page quick and easy to load.

Click on the video screen to activate the control pane and click on the iFrame settings icon. 


Follow the steps to embed your video: Embedding a video

Editing buttons

You can edit buttons in your video block to lead to different pages on your website or to an external URL. To edit buttons follow the steps outlined here: Editing buttons

Duplicating the Videos block

If you would like to showcase more videos on your page, you can make copies of the Video block. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Click on the Videos block to trigger the appearance of a control pane.
  2. Click on the Duplicate icon.
  3. The identical Videos block will appear beneath the original one. Edit it as described in this tutorial. 

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