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About us blocks allow you to tell the story of your company, brand, or product. Use this feature-rich block to present a story about your business and other types of content which is useful when you need to combine text and visuals for maximum impact.

You can customize the layout of your About us block in a variety of ways.

Adding the About us block

In the Block Library, you can find the About blocks with different text elements. To add the About block:

1. Go to the place on your page where you want to insert the block and click on the + Add Block button.

2. Navigate to the About us section and choose the block design that appeals to you:



3. Click on the block and it will be automatically inserted into your page.

Replacing the image

1. Hover over the image in your About us block to activate the image editing panel. Click Edit image:


2. Click Upload image to choose a new image from your computer:


3. After uploading, refocus and magnify the image as necessary using the pre-formatted grid.

4. Once done, click Submit.  

Modifying block settings

You can choose which elements will be included in your About us block. To access the Block settings menu, click on the block to activate the control panel. Click on the “gear” icon to proceed:


You can choose to display or remove the following elements of the About us block:

  • Block title
  • Block media
  • Primary button
  • Secondary button

Check or uncheck the box next to each element depending on whether you want to show these elements on your page or not.

Once you are done modifying Block settings, click Save to confirm changes.

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