Free shipping settings

With free rate shipping, you can offer free shipping. This may increase conversion and boost sales. Free shipping also applies to digital goods you are selling.

To begin, first create a Destination Zone:

  1. Go to Shipping & Pickup > Zones.
  2. Click +Add New Zone.
  3. Enter a name for the zone, i.e. United States.
  4. Click Add Country.
  5. Select the country/countries from the list.
  6. Click Add Countries.
  7. Repeat for regions, states, and zip codes as needed.
  8. Click Save.

Once you have a zone, you can set up shipping.

To create a free shipping method:

    1. Go to  Shipping & Pickup > Shipping & Pickup
    2. Click the +Add Shipping Method button.
    3. Choose the carrier you want to customize, for example, Royal Mail.
    4. Click Set up Free shipping.
    5. Give this method a name, for example, Free shipping.

    6. Click Delivery speed and set a delivery speed by entering a number of business days.

    7. Choose which zone this rate applies to, and if necessary, click Create new link to add a new destination.

    8. When you're finished, click Save & Finish.

If you have one method, but would like to offer different shipping rates (e.g. one for your country, and one for other countries), you need to configure two zones. Once you have your zones set up, it's easy to specify shipping costs per zone.

Tip: If you want to offer free shipping to all customers near your store, create a new zone with your country, state, and zip code. This means that each condition you have for shipping should have a zone.

This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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