Managing taxes

If you need to apply a tax on certain items, you can do this easily by doing the following:
  1. Click Settings > Taxes.
  2. Click Manage Tax Rates.
  3. In the next screen, click Add new tax.
  4. Modify the following settings:
    - Tax name: for example, a certain region, e.g. the UK.
    - Tax applies to: subtotal or subtotal and shipping
    - Zone defines by: choose Shipping address or Billing address

  5. You can click Specify rates per zone and enter precise tax rates for each zone.Applying_a_tax_02__purple_.png
  6. To add more rates for each zone, click Add Rate
  7. To remove a zone, click on the trash can icon.
  8. Once you are done customizing taxes, click Enable and Save.

This will now apply a tax only to orders sent to regions you have selected.

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