Customizing your store checkout page

After creating a store and adding your products, you must configure the page where your customers view the contents of their orders and proceed to the payment gateway.

Your checkout page is important for your customers' experience. In your online store, all sensitive information is sent via HTTPS secure protocol during checkout. 

Tip: We recommend creating a test product at a very low price so you can experience your checkout page as your customers will.

Predefined checkout values

When a customer goes to the checkout, the Online Store determines his/her country, city and zip code based on the IP address. These found values are automatically shown at checkout. In most cases, it helps the customer to check out faster which means more sales for you. Your customers see estimated shipping and tax costs as soon as they open the cart page.

Checkout management page

You can configure your checkout page by navigating to Settings > General > Cart & Checkout.


Scroll down to the Checkout Settings section. Here you can:

- Specify the Minimum allowed order subtotal and Maximum allowed order subtotal. If you leave these fields empty, there will be no minimum or maximum order amount requirement from the customer.

- Choose how you handle orders with zero total. This is useful if you want to create free products, for example, during giveaways. When you choose Accepted from the drop-down menu, the payment block will be hidden from the customer, although they would be required to enter their billing address. 


- Choose if you require a phone number at the checkout.

- Configure how you want to handle products with options when the customer adds them with Buy it Now button. You can either proceed with the order with default options or require the customer to go to the product page and choose one of the options.


- In a similar way, choose the option to ask the customer to review the cart content with the Open bag when "Add to bag" is clicked toggle option. This may reduce the number of incomplete orders and increase customer satisfaction.

- Require to enter a company name at the checkout. Enable if you are selling to other businesses a lot.

- Enable adding code on Thank you for your order page. This is useful if you are sending the order to a third-party server.

- Disable billing address at checkout so that your customer will not need to enter it. 


After you have finished configuring this section, click Save or Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Order comments

You can allow your customers to leave comments when placing an order. Scroll down to the Order comments section. Here you can:

- Toggle the switch to Enabled to add the order comments field.
- Specify the Order notes field caption for this field.
- Require customers to leave order comments (toggle to Enabled). This feature is useful if you are selling custom goods that require customer's input, for example, custom gifts, T-shirts, or prints. 

Related products on the Checkout page

To access this option, scroll down to the Related Products section.
When this option is enabled, the Checkout (shopping cart) page will showcase a selection of related products. This may help increase your sales.
Note: If the items don't have any assigned related products, this section will not be displayed. 

Marketing consent at the Checkout

Scroll down to Newsletters to configure whether or not your customers are required to give their consent to promotional emails from you. According to the new European Union legislation, customers must give clear consent to receiving any marketing materials from you. Read more about this feature in this tutorial.
The best practice is to keep this option as Enabled.
Once you are done configuring your Checkout page, click the Save button or Ctrl-S on your keyboard to apply changes.
This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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