Customizing product images

When running an online business, the way you showcase your products is very important. Keep in mind that your guests and potential customers cannot physically view the product.

Tip: If your product is available in retail stores offline then you're going to need to step up the photography so that potential customers don't head to the shops to find the same item in a tangible format, and possibly purchase it there.

Image customizing options

You can customize the look and feel of your product images with the help of several preset Design options. To access them, go to Configuration > Design.


Changing image size

There are three preset sizes for product images in your Online Store:

  • Large images are great for products where every detail is important.
  • Medium images offer a well-balanced option and are suitable for most products.
  • Small images allow you to fit more products per page.


You can preview how each image size would look on your store page.

Changing the image aspect ratio

Online Store offers several options for your product images aspect ratio:

  • Landscape orientation is best for horizontal images. You have two choices of proportion for this option.
  • Portrait orientation is best for vertical images. You have two choices of image proportion for this option.
  • Square images with equal proportions are great for smaller merchandise.


Darkening image backgrounds

You can enable the option to slightly darken the image backgrounds. This makes images look more prominent on the page. The option can be enabled for all products in the catalog.

Here's how your images would be displayed when darkening has been disabled.


This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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