Customizing the product page

You can easily customize the look and feel of your product pages using preset page design options. To access them, navigate to Configuration > Design and scroll down to the layout section you want to customize. Here's what you can change:

Customizing the product page layout

You have three options on how to display product information on the product page.
1. Two columns with the product description on the right. This is the best layout for products with high-quality images and a brief description.
2. Two columns with the product description below the image. This is a classic layout for products with detailed descriptions.
3. Two columns with the product description on the left. This mirrored layout works best for products and services that are better described by words rather than a graphical image.
4.  Three columns: this content-rich layout helps fit in a lot of product information on a single screen so customers don't need to scroll. This layout looks best on a widescreen.

Customizing the product page details 

You can choose the items displayed in the product details section such as product name, SKU, the number of products left in stock, breadcrumbs, price, product options, wholesale prices, and social sharing buttons. 
Drag and drop the items to re-arrange the order of their appearance in the sidebar.
Note: you cannot remove the Add to bag button. 

Customize Image Gallery thumbnails

You can choose one of the three layouts for thumbnails of images uploaded into the products' Image Gallery. 
1. Horizontal: use this layout to display thumbnails horizontally below the main product image.
2. Vertical: choose this layout to showcase the thumbnails vertically beside the main image.
3. Full size: choose this option to display full-size images below the main image instead of thumbnails.

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