Shipments and payments tracking

When you receive an email or mobile notification about your first order in Online Store, you should make sure that you have received the payment before proceeding with delivery.

Here are the steps you should take to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

Tracking the payment status

1. Go to My sales > Orders to review the order.


2. Check what payment method was used.


3. Go to your payment processor account to make sure the money for the order has arrived. If you offer cash on delivery (COD) option, you need to contact the customer to arrange the payment.

4. If the payment has arrived, change the fulfillment status to Processing.

5. Start preparing the order and send the package.

6. Change the order fulfillment status to Shipped.

7. Add the tracking number to the order details. When you change the order status to Shipped, your customer will receive a message with the tracking number. 

Tracking the shipment

If you use delivery services that provide tracking, you can assign tracking numbers for corresponding orders. Your customers will receive them by email. Here is how to assign tracking numbers:

1. Go to My sales > Orders.

2. Find the order you want to assign the tracking number to.

3. Click Update Order.

4. Select Mark as Shipped. 


  1. Enter the tracking number from your carrier. 
  2. Click Mark as Shipped. The tracking number has been assigned to your order. 

  3. Your customer will receive an email with this tracking number.

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