Editing icons on mobile

Icons help improve visual interest and grab the visitor's attention. They also help guide users while they are navigating a page. You can easily replace icons in blocks on the go, using your smartphone or a tablet. Here's how to do this:

1. Locate the icon you want to replace with another one that matches the block content more closely.

2. Tap on the icon to bring up the icon editing menu. Click on the "smiley" Edit Icon icon. 


3. Enter the Icon library


Note: All icons are in black and white but the colors will be adjusted automatically based on the template color palette.

4. Enter the word that quickly sums up what your text next to the icon is about. In this example, we are looking for "screen" icon:


5. Tap on the icon that describes your product or services. Confirm the change by tapping the Save button. Result:


A picture is worth a thousand words. Now you can easily add different icons on the go. 

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