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Changing the website title in browser tab

The title tag appears in the browser's tab or window when someone visits your website. It's also displayed as the title of your page in search engine results. A custom website title in the browser is essential for SEO, user experience, branding, and differentiation. 

Here's how to change the site name that appears in the browser tab:

1. Click Pages on the Topbar of the Sitebuilder to open the Page manager.

B2C - Website title - 1.png

2. Locate the home page and click its Settings icon to open the Page Settings window.

B2C - Website title - 2.png

3. Type the new title into the Page name field in the General tab instead of the default “Home”. It may be the same as your business name or a different one.

B2C - Website title - 3.png

4. Once done, click Submit and publish your website to make the changes live.

Now, when you open your website, you’ll see your homepage title as a website title in the browser tab.

B2C - Website title - 4.1.png

Note: If you have a multilingual site, you need to change the page name for each language separately. Choose the language in the Language Selector in the editor and go to its Page Settings. Then, repeat for the next language. 

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