Adding new items to the navigation

You can add links to your navigation that would lead to: 

  • Another block on the page
  • Another page
  • External URL

Tip: if you want to add a page to the navigation you can follow the steps in this tutorial.

Here's how you can do this:

1. Hover over the Header block to trigger the menu appearance. Click on the Navigation settings icon:


2. In the Navigation settings, click the round + button to add a new link to the navigation bar.


3. In the New Item menu, enter the title of the new item as you want it to appear in the navigation. Choose one of the four options: Open a page, Download a file, Scroll to a block, Open a web address.


4. To make the link open a page on your website, click Open a page and choose the page to add from the drop-down list.


After you have picked the page from the list, click Submit and the new link will appear on the menu.

5. To make a link open another block on your page, choose Scroll to a block option and pick a block from the drop-down list:


Click Submit and the link to a block will appear in the navigation menu.

6. To make the link open another website address, choose the option Open a web address in the drop-down list and enter the website URL in the field:


You can also select the option for the link to Open in a new tab.

7. To allow your visitors to download a file (e.g. a price list) after clicking a link, choose the option Download a file. Once selected, you will choose a file to download from your computer:


Enter the title of the link and click Submit. Your visitors will download the file when they click the link.

After you have done adding these details, click Publish to make the changes live.

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