Text formatting

1. Highlight the portion of the text that you want to format. The text area you are formatting is highlighted with a border.



2. In the text formatting menu, choose from the following icons:







3. Combine these formatting options as you would do in a regular text editor.

You can also add a link to a word or a phrase and create lists using this menu.

Changing the text color

You can change the color of any text segment, from a single word to the entire paragraph, in just three clicks:

1. Highlight the text you would like to change the color for.

2. Click on the Text Color selector icon:


3. Pick a new color from the pre-selected range:


You can also assign new custom colors to quickly use when changing text color formatting on your website. 

Removing formatting

If you want to remove all the formatting from a text segment, you need to highlight the text and click the Clear icon in the menu that appears:


Remember to publish your website to apply the new changes.

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