What's different between Sitebuilder Classic and Sitebuilder+

While Sitebuilder+ comes with the same Analytics and Online Store that you already know and love, the platform has a wide range of new features to help aid you in getting online.

Template preferences

Upon selecting a template, within the site setup wizard, you will have a range of choices as a starting point:

  • The multi-page site, granting you access to the entire template to customize and make your own
  • Business card site, giving you the ability to add key business details, from the site setup wizard, then place you on a one-page website that is immediately publishable. Note, you can always add more blocks if you change your mind!
  • Blank website, allowing you to start from scratch, building out your website using the blocks of your selected template.

Block library

When you select a template with Sitebuilder+, you gain access to an entire library of pre-designed building blocks, ranging from stunning covers, to beautifully designed about, gallery, features, and pricing blocks, among much more!

Block settings

Each block comes with a range of settings, allowing you to change the appearance, add background overlays, photo filters, drop-shadows, and more.

Smart interface

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your field, but you may not be an expert in web design. With Yola’s smart interface, you don’t have to be. Yola’s Sitebuilder was built with design automation to help ensure your website always looks great.

  • Responsive design
    • Want to add or remove content? No problem. Our smart interface automatically adjusts your template design to best fit your content.
  • No graphic design experience necessary.
    • We automatically fit the images to the website style. Working in a black & white template and want to upload a full-color photo? Our design automation will take your photo, add a photo filter, and upload it to your website–no graphic design knowledge necessary.
  • Intelligent Color Filters
    • Yola’s Sitebuilder makes it easy to adjust background colors while ensuring fonts and icons always remain legible.

Color palettes

All Sitebuilder+ templates come with a wide range of professionally-selected color palettes, giving you the opportunity to put your best foot forward when getting online. Want to add your own brand colors? We’ll make sure you get the colors you want while automatically maintaining your site’s legibility.

Build from any device

Manage your website anytime and any place (with an internet connection!) right from your mobile browser. No app-downloads or software updates necessary–just one intuitive interface from desktop to mobile.

And more!

In addition to the listed features, we’ve got a range of excellent new features including group image resizing, a true WYSIWYG interface, and so much more.

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