What's different between Sitebuilder Classic and Sitebuilder+

While Sitebuilder+ comes with the same Analytics and Online Store that you already know and love, the platform has a wide range of new features to help you in getting online. In this article, we will review the most vital differences Sitebuilder+ and Sitebuilder Classic have and compare them.

Block structure

Our Sitebuilder Classic offered widget structure, where you had to drag and drop widgets to your page and baffle around with padding, margins, widget placement, and all other more than boring stuff. In Sitebuilder+, you can craft a website entirely through stackable pre-designed blocks.

These blocks already contain "widgets" in them, so, for example, if you want to place a text piece next to an image, you no longer need to add two separate widgets. Instead, simply pick a block with such a layout and fill it in with your own content. 

The benefits of this new design structure are two-fold:  

  • It makes it easier than ever to craft a stunning website without technical or design experience
  • It drastically decreases the time it takes to build a professional website, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – running your business.

Blocks can be duplicated and moved throughout the page so you could customize your website in a couple of clicks:


In addition to an entire library of pre-designed building blocks, each block comes with a range of settings, allowing you to change the appearance, add background overlays, photo filters, drop-shadows, and more.

Automatic mobile optimization

One of the main issues of Sitebuilder Classic was that sites created in it did not look great on mobile devices. This is due to the fact that Sitebuilder Classic was created way before mobile browsing was a thing, therefore, it wasn't intended for such functionality.

On the other hand, our new Sitebuilder+ automatically optimizes your website's mobile view. Blocks were designed to fit the size and format of any device:


Your website design will automatically resize (shrink or enlarge) to look good on all devices, regardless of the screen size and orientation. This helps your visitors easily navigate your site on any device, from large tablets to the smallest of smartphones.

Modern templates

As opposed to Sitebuilder Classic, which offered older site templates that were designed many years ago and no longer comply with modern internet standards, our Sitebuilder+ offers templates that are modern, up-to-date and give your site a truly professional look. 

Moreover, Sitebuilder+ templates are sorted into categories so now you have an even easier choice of selecting a site template:


Simply choose a template that looks visually appealing and start filling it in with your own content, we have already taken care of the site structure!

Smart interface

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your field, but you may not be an expert in web design. No worries about that, with Sitebuilder+ smart interface, you don’t have to be. Yola’s Sitebuilder+ was built with design automation to help ensure your website always looks great.

  • Responsive design: want to add or remove content? No problem. Our smart interface automatically adjusts your template design to best fit your content.
  • Intelligent Color Filters: Yola’s Sitebuilder makes it easy to adjust background colors while ensuring fonts and icons always remain legible.
  • Website animations: one of the easiest ways to make your website more visually appealing is to add subtle movement. You can add website animations that appear when visitors load a page or scroll through your site.


Access from any device

Our Sitebuilder Classic was only available on desktop devices, while mobile editing was not possible. With Sitebuilder+, this issue is no longer present, you can manage your website anytime and any place (with an internet connection!).

Sitebuilder+ is available on desktop devices, mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, no app downloads or software updates are necessary – just one intuitive interface from desktop to mobile.

Website backups

Backing up your website means protecting, saving, and archiving your content in several ways at regular intervals; this ensures that your content is safe at all times.

A catastrophic event when your Yola site suddenly vanishes is never welcomed, yet, with Sitebuilder Classic, there was no option to secure yourself from this thing happening. However, with Sitebuilder+, site backups is a built-in functionality anyone can use.

There are two types of backups available in the Sitebuilder+: manual and automatic. By default, Sitebuilder+ will automatically back up your site without any extra thought on your part during the following events:

  • When you save the website for the fifth time
  • When you publish your website

In addition to that, you can create a site backup any time you need it. Review this article to learn more.

Multilingual site functionality

If you offer products or services to an international audience, a multilingual site will help you reach your target audience and explore new international markets. Using Sitebuilder Classic, you would have needed to create two separate websites in different languages, however, with Sitebuilder+, you can maintain a single site while enabling different site versions.

The benefits of creating a multilingual site include:

  • Increasing your reach by speaking to a wider audience
  • Creating unique content for language-specific segments of your audience

Read more about this functionality in our dedicated tutorial.

And more!

In addition to the listed features, our Sitebuilder+ offers so much more, including group image resizing, a true What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, undo/redo functionality etc.


Click here to give it a look and start building. We would love to hear about your experience as well as assist with anything you might need along the way!

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