Changing the Call to Action button

You can use buttons to add a Call to Action (CTA) to your site. Buttons can link to a page within your website or to a specific block on your webpage. You can also link a button to external websites, email addresses, or to files you can make available for users to upload: Linking to a downloadable file.

When you hover over a button you will see two icons, an Edit link icon, and a Block settings icon. Click the Edit link icon to open the Link settings pane.


Clicking action allows you to set one of the following actions when your button is clicked: 

  • Open a page: This will open a page on your website.
  • Make a phone call: This will start an application to make a call (Skype on desktop) or directly a call when tapped on mobile.
  • Send an email: An email application (e.g., Gmail) will be launched in a new window.
  • Download a file: Your visitors will be able to download a file from you.
  • Scroll to a block: This will jump to a specific block, on a page on your website.
  • Open a web address: This will take your visitor to a new website. Select this option and enter the website URL in the field below. 

Once you have selected your preferred Click Action, you will also notice a checkbox; Open in a new tab. This will instruct a web browser to open the page in a new tab while keeping the tab open for your website so the visitor can easily toggle back to your website.

You may also wish to enable an option to add a nofollow tag to your link.

You can edit buttons on your mobile in a similar way. Just click on the button and then you will see the link icon appear. Click the link icon to access the Link settings panel.  

Tip: if you do not see the option to add a link, hover away from the button and click anywhere on the page. Return to the button and repeat.

Once you have added the link to your button, click Save to apply the changes. On mobile, click the floppy disk icon in the top right corner.

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