How can I add my clients' logo on the page?

You can add a row or several rows of logos using the Partners block. The block comes with placeholder images that you can replace with the actual logos of your clients, partners, or sponsors.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. To replace the image, hover over the block element and the dialog box will appear.

2. Click on “picture frame” Edit Image icon and choose the new image for your article from your computer.

3. Choose the image from your computer and click Open in your browser. You can crop the image so that it fits the layout horizontally.

Note: we recommend editing your logos prior to inserting them so that they have the same size which would add to the visual appeal of your page.

5. Repeat these steps with other logo images that you want to appear in this block.

For more details on how to showcase logos on your website, visit this tutorial.



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