Adding more items to the list

You can easily add more items (products, services, etc) to the Features and Price blocks elements. There are two ways to do this:

1. Navigate to any line in the list, hover over it to activate the menu, and click the Duplicate icon. 


The new line will be automatically inserted below the original line:


Modify the line with the new price list information.

2. Here's the second way, although it works only for non-bulleted lists. Navigate to the list where you want to add more lines. Go to the line under which you want to insert a new item and click Enter twice to create a new line. Type in the new item name in the line. 


3. In the same way, create a new price by placing a cursor at the end of the line under which you want to enter the new price and press Enter twice to create a new line. Type in the new price.



To add an additional price list block, hover over the element you want to copy, and click the Duplicate icon.


Your new price list block will be added beneath the original one. Modify it as before. 

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