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Getting someone else to build your site? Read this first

With Yola, you can create and manage your own professionally designed and attractive website quickly and easily. However, you may prefer a web designer or one of your employees to build the site for you.
If you decide that your website will be built by someone else, please take note of the following safety precautions to avoid losing control of your website and valuable business information.

Make an agreement

 Obtain a detailed, written agreement with your web designer including, but not limited to:
  • A description of the site that will be built.
  • The level of input you will give to the development process. 
  • Details of who will take responsibility for maintaining the site once it is built. 
  • What will be done with the domain and website content should either party terminate the agreement.
  • A full, itemized cost for the entire project.

Control your domain

Make sure that you always retain full control over the account that contains your website, domain, and Yola hosting package. Do so by ensuring that a new Yola account is set up using an email that only you have access to. This will ensure that you can always log in and reset your password whenever needed, even after your arrangement with your web designer or employee is terminated for whatever reason.

Only use a Yola account to log in

Make sure that your web designer only uses your Yola account to build your website. Do not allow them to create the site in their own Yola account, or build sites for multiple customers under the same account. This will result in an administrative nightmare when you try to take control of your own website and discover that multiple other people have access to your valuable content.

Control your transactions

Do not allow your web designer or employee to transact using your credit card. Keep your credit card information secure and purchase any account upgrades or domains yourself. This is the only sure way to avoid unwanted charges on your card.

Reset your password

Once you take over the website from your web designer or employee, immediately reset your account password. Secure passwords are unique (not used for any other service that you log into) and contain letters, numbers, and lower and uppercase characters. Don’t use something obvious and personal such as your birth date, child’s name, etc., as this is information that a hacker may have access to and could use to figure out your password.

Keep your records safe

Retain any transactional emails from Yola for future reference. This includes emails we send when you first create your account, receipt emails, renewal emails, newsletters, etc. These are a record of your account history and are extremely useful in resolving account queries, should any arise.

Safeguard your domain name

Take special care of your domain name. Once you establish a domain for your business, losing it is devastating. This is why we advise you to purchase the domain yourself and learn how to manage it. Once your web designer or employee is no longer contracting with you to manage your site, make sure that they can no longer access your Yola account.

Access to your Yola account allows them to administer your domain, transfer it away, point it to a different host, etc., all without your permission. Please contact support if you need any assistance with managing your domain.

Important notice

Please note: Yola cannot take any responsibility for what happens to your website or domain if you choose to share your login information with a third party. We also cannot become involved in any disputes that may arise between you and another party as we are not participants in the agreement that you enter into. 
We hope that you have a great relationship with whoever builds your site and that they create the website of your dreams. Do your part by ensuring a good working relationship when things go well (or having a backup plan if they do not) by following the advice outlined above.
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