Adding website content

Once you complete the site creation process, you can begin customizing your site. We have given you a head start with a template that contains several blocks, placeholder content, a navigation header, and a footer, all of which you can begin editing right away.

Adding new blocks

In Yola Sitebuilder, you add blocks (components) from the Block Library to start filling your page with text, pictures, video, and much more.

Each type of content has its own block. Here's more information on selecting a block: Using the Block Library

You can add more blocks to your page by clicking on the round + button anywhere between existing blocks. You can also delete the blocks that you don't need right away. Here are articles that you may find useful:

To add a block to your page, click on the block in the Block Library selection and the block will automatically be added where you want it to appear on your page.

This is a brief introduction to how you go about adding content in Yola. For more detailed information on adding text, pictures, or any other type of content, go to this collection of tutorials: Adding and editing content.

Adding content on mobile

To learn how to manage content using your mobile device, please visit this tutorial: Adding content on mobile.

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