Achievements block

Achievements block helps you present your measurable accomplishments in a highly visual way. Remember, numbers add credibility!

When you share your achievements in real numbers, this shows to your potential customers that you either tracked your work or were perceptive enough to get that information. Anything that is measurable and has metrics has a high impact.

Adding the block

Here’s how to add the Achievements block:

  1. Choose a location where you want to add the block and click on the Add block + button.
  2. In the Block library, navigate to the Achievements section in the menu on the left and click on a block that fits your website strategy.  You can choose to add a block with different backgrounds (plain color or an image).
  3. Click on the block and it will appear on your page. Remember that you can change the block layout later.

Customizing the Achievements block

Insert the block as described above and hover over any element to bring up the dialog box. Click on the “gear” Block settings icon and the Block settings menu will be activated.

You can change the following settings:


Once you are done customizing the Block settings, click Save to confirm the changes.

Customizing block appearance

You can change the following settings of the block appearance:

  • Block style: change the color scheme (light or dark)
  • Block title
  • Block counters (turn them on or off)
  • Primary and secondary buttons


If the block has an image background, you can also modify the transparency of the overlay in the Appearance section:


Once you are happy with the changes, click Save to confirm.


Editing text and numbers

To replace the demo text and numbers with your own statistics in the Achievements block, simply click on any line anywhere on the page and start typing. You can also transfer the text from a text editor you are using.

Learn more about how to format your text.


Changing the block background

You can change the background of your Achievements block. This block allows you to change the background by uploading a new image:


You can also change the density of the overlay to make it more opaque or transparent:



Editing the buttons

You can edit buttons in your Achievements block to lead to different pages on your website or to an external URL. To edit buttons follow the steps outlined in this tutorial collection.


Duplicating Achievements elements

If you would like to showcase more statistics on your page, simply duplicate the element with numbers and text. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hover over the top of the element to trigger the appearance of the dialog box.
  2. Click on the Duplicate icon.
  3. The identical block element will appear to the right of the original one. Click on it to edit.

Deleting block elements

If you would like to showcase fewer elements with statistics, you can delete any of them. Simply hover over the element to trigger the appearance of the dialog box. Click on the Delete icon to remove the element.

Note: this action can be reversed by pressing the Undo button or Ctrl-Z on your keyboard.

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