What is a block

A block is the foundation of your website. Like bricks, blocks form the construction of your website, starting with the Header block to the main content area, and down to the Footer block. 

Each block type has been purpose-built to help you reach your website goals. Gallery blocks showcase your portfolio, Awards block lists your credentials and recognition, while Contact blocks help your website visitors to get in touch with you.

Each template in the Template Gallery has 100+ professionally designed blocks that perfectly complement each other. This eliminates the risk of mistakes when building your website. No matter what your technical skills are, you are guaranteed to get an agency-quality design that looks great on any device and screen size. 

Adding a new block

To add a new block, click on the round Add block + button. 


You will be taken to the Block Library where you can choose the block to add. Each of these blocks can be customized to meet your website building needs.

Combining blocks

Use blocks in hundreds of combinations to create your unique beautiful website. No need to worry about spacing, margins, or compatibility. All blocks in your particular template have been designed to mix and match while preserving the professional polished look of your website. 

Note: Whichever block you choose, it's guaranteed to match the rest of your template and look great on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

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