Adding legal pages to your Online Store

When you run an online business, it may be essential for your website to display legal information on your terms of services, privacy policy, or other terms. This tutorial will explain how you can add the legal information in your Online Store.  

Enabling legal pages

Online Store allows to create the following legal pages:

  • Legal Info
  • Terms
  • Revocation Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Shipping/Payment Info

You can enable these pages by going to Settings > Legal. Scroll down to Legal pages and policies area:



Click on Enable next to each legal page you want to show in your Online Store. Once done, click Save to apply the changes.

Editing legal pages

To edit your legal pages, click Edit to open the page's settings and content form.


You can specify any title to your page.

Tip: If you already have a similar page on your website, you can add a link to that page here.

Once you have done editing the page content, click Save. The corresponding page link will be automatically created and shown on your website and Facebook store at the bottom of each store page. 

Which legal pages you should have

The legal pages you need and the content they are to display depends on your business, and laws and regulations in your country. We recommend looking for professional legal advice regarding this.

Here are some examples of the content of the legal pages.

Terms and Conditions

This page explains the rules for using your website. You may want to include the following items:

  • Copyright for the material offered on the website and store pages, trademark,
  • Ownership of the site
  • Requirements to use the store, e.g., visitor's age.

Return policy

This is a document specifying your terms for refunds and product returns.

Privacy Policy

You need to let your customers know what information your store collects and how it will be used. Customers want to know if their personal data will be anyhow exposed to 3rd parties, sold, or use for newsletters. By providing a clear explanation on this matter, you will be sure to increase liability among your clients. This page is a requirement if your customers or visitors are from the European Union. For more information on the GDPR requirement, check out this tutorial.

The Privacy Policy page explains which information is collected through your website. This may include:

  • The use of cookies
  • How you process personal information like email, address, and other personal details
  • whether you distribute this information to any third party and for which purposes.

Shipping/Payment info

The shipping info page explains your delivery policy and may include the following information:

  • what items are allowed for shipment
  • to what regions you deliver your goods
  • terms of delivery 
  • estimated shipping
  • how to handle returns

The payment info page should cover all possible questions about payment methods in your store. 

Creating content for your legal pages

There is a number of online tools for generating various templates for privacy policies, terms of user, etc. You can check these services to get the content for your legal pages that would be streamlined and up to date.

Note: Remember to consult a legal professional before adding the legal pages to your store.

This functionality is available on all Online Store plans. 

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