Customizing storefront navigation and colors

You can make your Online Store even more personal by customizing your storefront navigation and color palette. This is possible with the help of several preset options which you can access in your Design section which you can access from the left-hand vertical menu in your dashboard.

To access it, scroll down to Storefront navigation and colors.


Here are the options you have for customization.

Match store colors to your website

Turn on the Color Adaptation mode to automatically update your store to match the colors of your website. If you want to adjust your store colors manually, disable the Color Adaptation mode.


Enable footer menu and category breadcrumbs

Organized and easy-to-follow navigation for a website is very beneficial and important for the overall user experience. If your navigation is easy to follow, it increases the time a visitor or customer remains on your website.  You can help your customers quickly navigate your store by adding links to your catalog’s footer. You can also add category names to these additional navigational links.


Removing Sign in option

If you notice your customers prefer guest checkouts instead of creating accounts in your Online Store, you can hide the Sign In link from the storefront. Simply choose the option from the drop-down menu.


Removing product sorting option

If you have just a few products in your catalog and you don't need the sorting option, you can disable the Sort by drop-down.


Congratulations! You have successfully customized the look and feel of your storefront. This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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