Selling on Shopzilla

Your Online Store products will show up when potential customers search for similar items on Shopzilla sites. When a customer clicks a product link, they will be redirected to your website where they can buy that item. 

Before you generate the feed

  1. To start your campaign, please create a Shopzilla Merchant account to manage your products:

  2. Log in to Shopzilla Business Services and go to Manage Listings - Submit Inventory, then select the Programmatic Upload through FTP option.

  3. Download the feed specs. Then browse to Establish a Delivery Location step, and click Confirm next to Use my delivery location.

  4. Set these values and submit the form:
    Type: HTTP
    Path: /product_feed/16572383/shopzilla/
    File: /ar1hgJetp89FMvQF.txt

  5. Click Done in the Upload your feed to the location step, then check your feed for any errors and process it.

  6. Your campaign is almost ready! Add funds to your Shopzilla account balance, place your initial bids, and launch your campaign to get new sales.

Building your product feed

Here's how you can set up Shopzilla for your Online Store:

1. Proceed to Sales Channels > All Sales Channels > Marketplaces and select Shopzilla.

2. Choose these parameters showing under Settings:


Marketplace category: Select a category in which your items will be shown at Shopzilla sites. You should define a category that would best categorize the products to increase conversions.  

Product condition: What condition your products are sold in, e.g., brand new items or reused. 

3.  Click Save to submit the changes.

4. Copy the Feed link which connects to the products feed, a file containing information on your products. You will need to load it to your Shopzilla account. This feed is generated automatically by the Online Store and updated every 12 hours.

The feed usually fully meets the requirements of Shopzilla and associated websites so you only need to download it from the Online Store control panel and upload it to your Shopzilla account.

This feature is available on Professional and Unlimited Online Store plans.

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