Customizing Online Store labels

You can create your own Online Store labels to reflect your preferences, your brand, and your business uniqueness. Text labels are texts in the store interface, such as buttons, shopping carts, forms, and more.

Creating a custom label

  1. Go to Settings > Edit store labels.
  2. Click Add Custom Label:


  1. Use the search bar to find the necessary label.


    In this example, we wanted to find all Online Store labels that contain the word Checkout and replace some of them with a shopping cart. Type Checkout into the search field, find the label and type shopping cart in the text field to the right.

  2. The changes are saved automatically. Now the buttons Go to checkout will display the Go to shopping cart in all your storefronts.

    Hiding a label

Sometimes you want to temporarily hide a store label, for example, to disable a Sign In option or a product variation. Here's how you can hide certain labels without deleting them:

1. Go to Settings > Edit Store Labels.

2. In the Search field type the name of the label you want to hide:


3. Delete the values in the label fields. Changes are saved automatically and reflect in all storefronts.

4. To revert this action, click on the Revert link to the right of the field.

Viewing your custom labels

You can easily view the list of labels you have customized upon loading the Edit Store Label option. At this screen, you can continue customizing store labels or revert them to default settings.


This feature is available on all Online Store plans.

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