What's the difference between saving and publishing?

Saving ensures that you don't lose your work between working sessions, whereas publishing makes your changes live online and visible to your website visitors. Here what these buttons do:
Save: When you click the Save button, the Sitebuilder will only store a new version of your page, including the template, content, images, links in the list of versions of your page that are stored in the Sitebuilder database. Saving a page does not automatically make the web page visible online.
Make sure you save your progress regularly to avoid losing any changes while you build your website. The Sitebuilder automatically saves your work every 2 minutes. 
PublishPublishing replaces the version of the site with another version. Click this button to make changes public. Once you are ready to let visitors see your changes, publish your site.  
To make sure your changes appear on the live website, check out the published site.

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