Changing the page order in the navigation

You can reorganize your pages in the navigation bar in the order you wish. Here's how to change the page order in your website's navigation.
  1. To access Navigation settings, click on the Navigation Menu itself:userlmn_b2fdaf5567803cac24dbf6cdfe76735d.png
  2. Then click Navigation settings:


  3. In the next menu, you will see the list of your pages as a stack. Screen_Shot_2019-08-09_at_12.24.31.png

  4. Grab the handle that looks like a stack of lines. Screen_Shot_2019-08-09_at_12.29.30.png

  5. Drag the page you want to move and release it once it's in the position you want.


  6. Click Submit to confirm the changes. 

The pages now appear in a different order. Click Publish to make the changes live.

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