Adding a row of images

You can easily add a row of images, for example, creating a photo gallery or portfolio, using the Gallery block. To add this block:

1. Navigate to the page where you want to add a row of images.

2. Click the purple Add a block button. 

3. In the Block Library, go to the Gallery section. Choose a style that contains no text content such as title or description.


4. Click on the block and the Gallery block will automatically appear on the page.

5. To replace demo images in the block, hover over an image to activate the image management menu. Click on "picture" Replace image icon and choose an image from your computer.


Click Open and it will be added to the row of images. Repeat with all the images you want to replace.

5. To add more images to the Gallery, activate the menu and click on Duplicate icon. A new demo image will appear. Replace it with your own image.


6. To show fewer images on the page, hover over an image and click on the "trash can" Delete icon. The image will be removed. Note: your gallery will have an empty space at the side of it.


Once you are done editing the row of images, click Publish to make changes live.

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