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Your site and visibility in search engines

If your website is not appearing in searches, there are several reasons why this is happening. This article covers some of the most common causes and suggests steps you can take to resolve them. 

Search engines have not yet indexed your website

Sometimes it takes a week or more for a search engine to notice your website, especially when your website is new and no other websites link to it. If your website has inbound links, then Google is likely to find it sooner. 

You can easily index your website on Google by re-submitting your website every time you make a change. This will help Google learn about important updates and have the latest version of your website indexed.

Your keywords are very popular

A keyword needs to be relevant to what your website is about. With a new website, you should target less competitive keywords to gain the highest attention of your consumers.

Research long-tail keywords (short phrases of up to four or five words) and use them across your website. Find out more about keywords from this tutorial.

Not having enough content

Keep updating it with content that would be relevant to your target audience and ensure it's well-written and high-quality. Create high-quality SEO-friendly content while making sure all posts are relevant and specific to the services you are providing. Make sure to add keyword-rich copy to your homepage and then link those words to other pages.

Mobile usability issues

If your site has mobile usability issues and it is hard to navigate on tablets or phones, it will hurt your search engine rankings. Thanks to the automated design and responsive templates of the Sitebuilder, you can be sure that the links and buttons are not too close together and the text can be read on every screen.

Once you are confident that your site performs well on mobile screens and is giving your visitors the best user experience possible, it is important to test the speed.

Try this tool: Google PageSpeed Insights

Enter the URL of your site and check out the speed both for mobile and desktop versions.

This tool will tell you about page speed on desktop and mobile devices. Anything under 3 seconds is good, but anything over 6 seconds will damage your search engine rankings.

Google Page Score

You will also have to look at your page quality and performance score. Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and search for issues. If there are none, you can still make improvements, especially if your site is loading slowly.

Keep your site current

It is important that you get your website updated and check the loading time regularly, especially after adding new content. Changing to a template with fewer images is another option that can work really well.

Instead of paying thousands to a web designer to create a new site, you can use Yola's professional templates with automated design. All of them are responsive and mobile-ready.

Your website has been removed from Google

Google may temporarily or permanently remove websites from its search results. If you receive a notification that your website violates its quality guidelines, you can modify your website to meet these guidelines and then re-submit your site to Google.


How can I remove my site from search results?

If you have recently deleted pages from your site or changed page names and they are still showing up in Google's index this is perfectly normal. It will take some time for Google to re-index your site and see that there have been changes. When these changes are detected, Google will remove the pages from their index. This can take some time, but will eventually happen. This is out of our control.

You can speed up the process by resubmitting your sitemap to Google as this may get the search engine bots to visit your site sooner and capture the changes. Please keep in mind that this method cannot guarantee quicker removal of deleted content.

The deleted content will also remain available like Google's cached pages. 

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