Changing a color palette

Want a color scheme that perfectly matches your brand? With the new pre-set color palette selector, you can modify your website color combinations in seconds without the need to precisely mix and match color variations.

About color palettes

Each palette consists of six complementing colors picked by professional designers for this particular template. These colors automatically apply across your website to:

  • Website and block background
  • Block titles and subtitles
  • Links
  • Icons
  • Social media icons
  • Dark and light block background settings

How to change a site-wide color palette

Here's how you can apply a different color palette to your website:

1. Navigate to the main menu and choose the Design... option in the drop-down menu:


Alternatively, click Design in the upper horizontal menu of the Sitebuiler:



2. in the Colors tab, the current palette will appear at the top of the list.



3. Scroll down to see all the available palettes. Click on the palette that appeals to you and matches your own website images and brand colors. Check out how your buttons and links look like.


  1. Background color for a light color scheme.
  2. Background color for the darker color scheme.
  3. Icon color.
  4. Button color.
  5. Text color.

4. To assign custom colors, click on the “cog” settings icon, and browse the available colors. For more detailed information on how to create custom palettes, visit Creating custom website colors with palettes.

How to quickly change the block background

Hover your cursor over any block and click the “cog” Block settings icon.

Go to the Appearance tab and in Block Style choose the color background option:


Note: If you choose a contrasting color for your block background, the color palette will be automatically adjusted to complimentary and professionally curated colors.

Choosing the perfect color scheme is an important part of any website. With this function, you can easily create a harmonious, professionally designed look for your website.


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