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Choosing the right template

The first step in creating your website is choosing its layout from an extensive gallery of professionally designed templates. 

Our templates are filled with default content like images and text pieces. This content can be changed to your own, yet we advise you to choose a template that caters to your business.

Yola templates’ main features

  • Agency-quality design: Our professional design team has crafted each template design. 
  • Design automation: Templates automatically adjust whether you remove or add blocks which safeguards you from mistakes or having an unattractive site.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Each template is developed and designed to deliver a user-friendly mobile experience. You can edit your template on any device, knowing that it will have a consistent professional look and feel across all platforms and on screens of any size.
  • Multi-purpose website designs: Each template design supports all content types, including product descriptions, team introductions, testimonials, pricing, booking, contact pages, and many others.  
  • Clear customization: Activate settings and edit menus by hovering over or clicking. Change content on the page and immediately see how your website will look to your visitors.
  • Block duplication: Duplicate any template block or element to customize it without risking the look of your blocks.
  • Prominent elements: Each template contains customizable buttons that prompt visitors to perform the desired action (booking a demo, buying your product, or learning more about your services). 

Template gallery

Once you decide to create a site with Yola, the first  place you access is the Template gallery. Here you can choose the template  for your site. Use the convenient category list to find the best-suited design for your website or business quickly.


After selecting a template, you can preview it on various devices by clicking the respective buttons.


Once you are happy with the way the template fits your online presence needs, click Use this template at the top-right corner and start building your site. 

If you want to keep looking for a perfect template, click Back in the top-left corner of your screen.

Online Store-specific templates

If you want to create an Online Store or add an Online Store block to your site, you can choose one of our Online Store-specific website templates. They already contain an Online Store block; therefore, you will require less time to build your site.

Note: You will need to manually add your own products to your Online Store. Review this tutorial to learn how it’s done.

Choosing a template on mobile 

You can access the Template Gallery on any mobile device. You don't need a separate site-building app to browse template designs and install a template on your site. 

We hope this guide helped you. If you’ve any questions left, please contact our Support Team

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