What is a block

Blocks are the building elements of your website. Each of them was professionally designed to facilitate any need you may have during building a website - adding a contact form, your product images, an article, a footer with your site details - you name it, our blocks provide it all!

When scrolling through our Block Library, simply choose a block that contains those elements that you are looking for. Need a picture of your product near its description? Choose a block that has a media element next to a text element. Need to show the timetable of your courses? Choose a block that has a table inside it. Think of your site structure as the one that is divided horizontally - blocks go one on top of another, but not side to side.

Blocks come predesigned so that they match the look and feel of your template. This helps preserve the clean and professional layout of your website on any device.

Adding blocks to an empty page

You can add a block to an already existing page or to a new page - the process is similar. Follow these steps to add a block to an empty page:

  1. Once you create a new page, you will see a message that says Start building your page.

    Note: This message is only visible to you. To visitors, the page will display as blank without any text.
  2. Click on the Add a block + button and you will be taken to the Block Library. 
  3. To find the right block, browse the list of block categories at the left. You can also use the Search field at the top of the Block Library menu to search for specific types of blocks using words like image, text, form, etc.


  4. Click on a block category to see which blocks it offers.


  5. You can choose between regular and Premium blocks. To use later, you may require to upgrade your hosting plan.
  6. Once you choose the needed block, click on it and it will be added to the page.

Adding more blocks to a page

You can insert blocks between existing blocks, on top of them or below them to create a page structure that fits your website strategy. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Open the page where you want to add a new block from the Pages… menu.
  2. Hover over the border of the block and the Add a block + button will appear.

  3. Click on this button to open up a Block Library and choose a block to add to the page.
  4. Click on the category and then select a block to add.
  5. Edit the Block settings if needed.

Customizing a block

The block will contain demo content to help you understand the block structure. Of course, you can change it to your own custom content! You can also customize Block settings by hovering over the block and clicking on the “gear” icon.


There you can modify the block appearance or remove some of its elements. To learn more about managing block settings, review this tutorial.

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