What you can do with your blocks

Blocks are the essential building elements of your website. After you have added a block, you can edit its settings, move it, duplicate or delete it. 

Note: You can have a maximum of 10 blocks on a page while on Yola Free plan.

This article explains how you can edit blocks on your page.


Accessing the Block Settings menu 

To bring up the Block settings menu, hover over any area of the block you would like to edit.


How can you edit the block

Depending on the type of block you will have several editing options. Hover over any icon to see what it does:

  • Move: click the “cross” Move arrow to move the block to another location on the page. You will see the yellow guideline which indicates the location where the block can be moved.
  • Edit image: depending on the block type, you can edit the background image. Check out this article to understand how to replace the background image.
  • Duplicate: click on the “stack” Duplicate icon to create an exact copy of any block. This is useful if you want to add multiple blocks with similar content or if you want to experiment with the block layout without affecting the original block.
  • Block settings: click on the “gear” Settings icon to access the Block settings menu. This article explains how to customize various Block settings.
  • Delete: click on the “trash can” Delete icon to delete the block. This action can be undone.

3. Some blocks contain icons that can also be edited and replaced with another icon. To replace an icon, click or hover over the original icon, then click on the “smiley” link to access the Icon library with over 3000 icons. 

4. Some block elements contain links and buttons which can also be modified.  To access the link editing menu, hover over or tap the link.

To replace the link, click on the “chain” Edit link icon.

5. Some block elements, for example, sections in ProductsServicesTestimonials, and Team, contain images. Here’s how you can replace images.


Customizing block elements

You can add or remove most of the elements inside your block. To remove one of the elements, hover over it to activate the menu and then click the "trash" Delete icon. For this example, we will delete one of the customer testimonials:


Click the Delete icon.


Block elements will automatically re-arrange. 


Changing the block layout

You can completely change the block layout in Block settings. In the tab Layout, you can instantly preview various block layouts that are available for this block:



Note: To preserve the professionally designed look and feel of your website, the block and block element design will update automatically when you move, duplicate, or delete the block or any of its elements.  

Copying and pasting blocks

You can move a block to different locations on your page to create a custom layout. However, you cannot copy and paste a block to another page on your website at the moment.

If you want to create a duplicate block, save the block contents including images and text, and replicate the same block using the same layout.

To move the block to another location on the page, follow these steps:

1. Hover at the top of any block to reveal the dialogue box.
2. Click on the “arrow cross” Move icon.
3. Drag the block to another location on the page.
4. Make use of the yellow guideline which shows where the block will appear when you drop it on the page. The layout of the page will be adjusted automatically.

Note: the blue guidelines show you the current location of the block.

5. Once you are done editing your block, click Save to apply the changes. On mobile, click the floppy disk icon in the top right corner. 

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