Adding a link to downloadable file as submenu item

You can create a downloadable item, such as a menu in PDF or a price list, as a submenu in your header navigation. Here's how to do that: 

1. Navigate to your header and activate the Navigation settings menu by clicking on the stacked item icon.


2. In the menu, click on the round + button to add a new navigation menu.


3. For this example, we will be adding a link to a downloadable file as a submenu item for the main navigation item Services. In the New item menu, choose the Click action as Download a file, choose the file from your computer, and enter the name, for example, the Price list.


4. Click Submit. The new item will appear in the list of navigation items.


5. Grab a Price list block and drag it inside the Services link, so that it covers it completely. A black outline will signal that the Price list is being inserted inside the Services link.


Release it and the Price list will appear beneath the Services block. 


6. Click Submit and Publish. Your Price list will appear as a submenu item beneath the Services  menu item:


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