Editing images

You can easily edit and customize images in most of the blocks. Here's how you can transform and resize the image in a block or a block element:

1. Hover over the image to activate the control panel. The image will be highlighted. Click on the Edit image icon. 


2. You have the following options:

  • Use the round handle to magnify the image and display a detail you want to draw focus to:


  • Tap on the image and drag it around the pre-designed image shape to showcase a different area of the image:


Once you are done editing your image, click the Submit icon:


Uploading a new image

To upload a new image to the block element, click on the Upload image icon and then choose a new image from your computer.


Click Open and your image will be uploaded. Resize it or choose the image fragment you would like to show on your page using the lever and by repositioning the image inside the frame.

Click Submit once you are done. 

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