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Using the Blocks Library

The Blocks library opens when you click the (+) Plus button to add a new block to your site. The Library contains various types of pre-designed block layouts you can use to construct your website. 

You can choose between regular blocks available to all our customers and a Premium Embed HTML block that is only available in Yola Silver and Yola Gold plans.


Block types

Scroll down the Blocks library to see the full list of block types. You can instantly preview what the blocks look like before adding them to your site.

You can also use the search field to find the block type you need faster by typing in words like image, text, form, logo, etc., and pressing enter.


We’ve put the two most popular blocks on the top – the Custom block and the Online Store block – so that you can easily reach them without scrolling.


Adding a block to a page

Find the block layout you like and click it to add it to your website page. You can continue to customize the block settings afterward.

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