Using the Block Library

Block Library contains all the building blocks you can use to construct your website. You don't need to worry if the block matches the previous one or the space between blocks is too big or small. 

Each of the Yola Sitebuilder blocks has been professionally designed to match the look and feel of your template. This helps preserve the clean and professional layout of your website on any device. 

You can choose between regular and Premium blocks:


Block categories

You can easily search for the right blocks by browsing the block type list on the left. Scroll down to view all block categories available. Be creative and feel free to use the kind of block that fits your site-building needs. Each block can be customized and the layout can be changed in the Block settings:



You can instantly preview how the new block layout and elements look like.

Searching for blocks

To quickly jump to the block with the element you need, navigate to the top left corner of the Block Library to Search... field.

Type in your query and click the "looking glass" icon. For example, we are looking for all blocks that have a form in them.

Adding a block

Simply choose the block you need, click on it and it will appear on the desired location on your website page. You can continue to customize the block settings.

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