Requesting user consent for GDPR compliance

User consent is the cornerstone of the GDPR policies. GDPR clearly states that getting visitors to say yes needs to be done in an explicit manner, using plain language, clearing up the reasons for which consent is requested. Users need to know exactly what their personal data is going to be used for and by whom. Visit this tutorial to opt-out of non-essential data collection.

So in addition to a customized cookie compliance notification on user request to access or edit personal details when they land on the website, the Sitebuilder offers an option to turn on a consent approval request on forms. 

Adding a GDPR-compliant user consent request

Here is how you can enable a user consent request feature on your forms.

1. Navigate to the block where you want the form to appear. Choose a Booking, Contact, Cover, Registration, or any other type of a block that contains a form where you collect user data. Click on the block so it's added to the page. 

2. Hover over the button to trigger the appearance of an editing menu. Click on the "mailbox" Form Settings icon:


3. In the lower part of the window locate the option Display GDPR consent field and click to select it.


4. Click Submit to save the changes. You will see the confirmation that your form options are being updated.

5. When your visitors fill out the form, they will see the request to comply with your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which both have to be GDPR-compliant. If the user doesn't click the field, the message will not be sent and no user data will be stored.


6. Repeat these actions with all forms on your site where you collect user data. 

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