Customizing block settings

You can change almost every element of the block. This tutorial will walk you through every setting that can be modified in the Block settings menu.

Accessing the Block settings menu

To access the Block settings menu:

  1. Click on any area of the block. The control pane will appear.
  2. Click on the “gear” icon to access the Block settings menu.

Customizing Block settings

You can make changes to the content of the block and its elements by checking or unchecking various block options. These options depend on the specific block type.

Changing block title

The block’s main title is the most prominent content. Check this option to add the main title which draws the focus on the page. Use this area to describe this particular section of the page.

You can opt to remove the block title from the block by unchecking the box next to the Block title option.



If you want to change the title text size, you can assign the title another title tag:



Add or remove buttons

You can display one or two buttons in CoverTitle, and other blocks. To change the number of buttons, check or uncheck the box next to each button:


Learn more about how to customize your buttons:

Editing buttons

Changing block appearance

In the Appearance tab, you can choose the text color, text alignment, and background image settings.


Block style: choose the color scheme of the block.

Block layout: choose if the content will be left- or center-justified.

Fullscreen: choose if you want the block to be displayed full-screen without any bleed at the sides.

Block spacing: increase or decrease white spaces on top and bottom of the block:


Background settings: Add B&W filter: check this option to make the block display in black and white.

Background settings: Add overlay: check this option to add a semi-transparent overlay to the block background image.

Horizontal alignment: You can make the entire contents of the block aligned to the left or center. For more details, visit this tutorial.


Once you are done customizing the block appearance, click Save and Publish to make changes live.

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