Duplicating a block

Duplicating is a great way to use an existing block as a starting point for new content without having to create it from scratch! When you duplicate a block, the copy will have the same text, layout, images, and settings as the original. 

Making a copy of a block

  1. Navigate to the top of the block and hover over any area to trigger the dialog box. Click on Duplicate that looks like a stack of paper.


2. The identical block will appear at the bottom of your original block.

3. You can modify the content and change the settings as you would with any other block.

Tip: duplicating blocks can save time when creating new, similar products.

You can also duplicate elements in blocks. For example, you may want to add more testimonials to your page or to increase the number of team members.

Duplicating block elements

 1. Hover over the element you want to duplicate to activate the editing pane.

2. Click Duplicate to create a copy of the element.

3. Note that elements will shift automatically while maintaining the margins between the elements. This helps preserve the visually appealing look and feel of your website.


4. If you have created too many copies of the element, trigger the dialog box and click on the Trash icon to delete any unwanted items. You can also click Undo to reverse the change.

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