Adding a cookie consent banner

The Sitebuilder uses cookie files to ensure your site provides the best experience for your visitors. In some localities, legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive of 2002, commonly known as “The cookie law”, may require you to inform your visitors of cookies used by your website and to obtain visitors’ consent to the use certain types of cookies. 

If your website has visitors from the EU, you need a cookie warning in the form of a banner.

What is a cookie banner?

A cookie banner is a consent notice that appears on websites upon the user’s first visit to the site. Its purpose is to alert your users about the cookies and get consent for setting them. Visit Essential and Non-Essential Cookies to learn more.

For more information on data collection visit this tutorial.

How to enable cookie banner

Here's how you can request the consent of your visitors to the use of cookie files. 

1. Go to Menu (top-left corner)> Settings.


2. Navigate to the Cookies & User data section at the bottom of the area:


3. Put a tick next to it to enable this feature.


4. Click Submit to confirm the changes.

Now, when your visitors first arrive at your website, they will see the banner at the top of their screen. 


Editing the cookie banner

The banner text is generic and may not apply to your particular situation. To change the text, simply click anywhere on the banner and start typing. You can also format the text by making it bold, italic, or underlined.


You can also edit the text inside the buttons. To edit the text in the button, click inside the button and type a new text.

You can also insert a link to your Privacy policy and other legal pages. Learn more about how to add a link.


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