Replacing text in buttons

If you need to edit the button text then you can just click on the button, remove the current text and start typing your new text. The button will expand with the amount of text that you place inside of it. 

Note: if you add too much text inside the button, it will expand automatically or form a new row underneath another button. No need to worry, the effect will remain aesthetically pleasing as the design changes are automated. You may want to add a longer button to link to a downloadable file:


You can also change the button text in the Link settings pane. Here's how you can do it:

1. When you hover over a button you will see two icons: an Edit link icon and a Block settings icon. Click the Edit link icon.


2. The Link settings pane opens. In the Title field,  you can change the link Title, this refers to the text on the button.


3. Once you are done editing your button, click Submit to apply the changes.   

4. To make the changes live, Publish the site. On mobile, click the "floppy disk" icon in the top right corner.

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