Changing the block layout

You can move, edit images, duplicate, and delete most of the elements inside the block. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Hover over the block element you would like to edit. The Block editing menu will appear.
  2. Depending on the type of the block you will have several editing options: 
  • Move: click the “cross” Move arrow to move the block element to another location on the page. You will see the yellow guideline which indicates the location where the element can be moved.
  • Duplicate: click on the “stack” Duplicate icon to create an exact copy of any block element. This is useful if you want to add more elements, for example, more services, testimonials, or team members.
  • Block settings: click on the “gear” Settings icon to access the Block settings menu. This article explains how to customize various Block settings.
  • Delete: click on the “trash can” Delete icon to delete this block element. This action can be undone by pressing Ctrl-Z or the Undo icon in the top right corner.

 Note that when you delete or multiply any of the block elements, all other elements are rearranged automatically so your website design remains professional and polished at all times.

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