Booking block

Here’s how to add a Booking block:
  1. Choose a location on your website page where you want to add a Booking block and click on the Add a block + button.
  2. In the Block Library, navigate to the Booking section and choose a block that fits your business requirements. Click on the block and it will be automatically inserted into the page.

Customizing the Booking block

  1. Insert the Booking block as described above.
  2. Hover over a page element to bring up the dialog box.
  3. Click on the “gear” Settings icon and the Block settings menu will appear.


You can change the following settings:

  • Block secondary titlecheck the box to display the line of text above the main title. To remove the secondary title, uncheck the box.
  • Block title: check the box to display the main text. To remove, uncheck the box.
  • Block subtitle: check the box to display the block of text below the main title. To remove, uncheck the box.
  • Business addresses: check the box to display the physical address where you deliver your services or sell products. To remove the address, uncheck the box.
  • Business phones: check the box to display the phone number in the block. To remove the phone number, uncheck the box.
  • Business email: check the box to display your email address. To remove it, uncheck the box.

Once you are done customizing the Block settings, click Save to confirm the changes.

Customizing the business details

You can enter your business address, phone number, and email in the Booking Form. To do this, hover over the element you wish to modify and you will be taken to the Website settings window where you can enter these details. Here’s how to do it:

To modify your business address:

1. Hover over the demo address line:


2. Click on the Location pin and modify the address in the Website settings field. 

3. To modify your business phone number, hover over the demo number:


Click on the Phone icon and modify the phone number in the Website settings field.

4. To modify your email address, hover over the demo email:


Click on the @ icon and modify the email address in the corresponding Website settings field.

Customizing the map location

If you want to showcase the exact location of your business in the Booking form, Insert the block with the map as described at the beginning of this article. Hover over the map and insert the location of your business which you can obtain from Google Maps.

For more details on how to set up the map on your website, please visit this tutorial.

Editing the form

You can enter the email address where the booking request will be sent. Here’s how you can customize the form:

  1. Hover the form element in the Booking block and click on the “mailbox” Edit form icon.
  2. Visit this collection of tutorials on building the form.
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