Adding a navigation bar

Navigation of a website should be an easy process and not require the visitor to take much time in figuring out how to move through your site. A navigation bar gives your visitors the ability to move between the different sections of your website. It should be placed on every page of your site and should be consistent as well.

Most templates and business card websites already have a navigation header installed. However, you must add the navigation bar to each of your pages. Here's how do add a navigation bar:

1. In the Website menu, go to Pages... and choose the page where you want to add navigation.



2. Scroll to the top of the page and click the + Add block button. 


3. In the Block Gallery, go to Header and choose a header with links, buttons, or social media icons. Click on it to have it installed automatically.



4. Hover over the new header block on your page to activate the Navigation settings pane.



5. In Navigation settings, you can:

- Add a new page to navigation by clicking the round purple + button


- Manage pages in navigation: click on the gear Settings icon next to the page name. 


You can set a page title as it would appear in the navigation bar and also specify what the particular link does. You can link navigation items to a block on a page, another website page, or another URL. Learn more about managing navigation links from this tutorial.

Once you are done making changes to the navigation bar, click Submit.

6. Repeat these steps for each page of your website.

Your navigation bar should appear in the same place on all pages. The navigation should stick out and be located in a common spot on every page of your site. Consistency allows your visitors to focus on the content instead of trying to figure another navigation system for the same site. 

Tip: Navigation is not just for people, but for search engines as well. Set up the navigation to allow search engines to follow the links to index your entire website.  

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