Adding a form

You can add a form by adding a block that contains a form. Forms are included in Cover and Contact blocks. To find these blocks easily, type in form in the search bar in the Template Gallery.




Editing form appearance

To replace the content of the form title and subtitle, simply click and type the new text. You can also opt to remove the title, the subtitle, or both. To do this, click on the "gear" Settings icon. You will enter the Block settings menu, where you can customize the form appearance. 


Changing the Form block layout

In the Layout tab of Block settings, you can choose from various block layouts and instantly preview them:



If you decide you want to try another form layout or a completely different block, you can instantly do that. However, please note that if you choose a completely different layout, for example, a Features section instead of a Form, your content may be lost.


Changing form block appearance

In the Appearance tab, you can customize various elements of your form block appearance:


Block style: the color scheme of the block

Block elements: hide or show the title and the form itself

Block layout: fullscreen or not

Form location: left or right side of the title and subtitle

Vertical alignment: top, middle, or bottom

Content style: add or remove a form border and a shading around it

Once done customizing, click Save.


Customizing form fields

All elements of the form are customizable. Hover over the form to activate the Form settings menu:


To access the field settings, hover your cursor over each field.



In Name settings, you can customize the label (the words over the field) and the placeholder (the hint inside the field that reminds the visitor what to enter). You can also opt for this field to Make Required, so the form cannot be sent without filling it out:



In the same way, you can customize Email settings and Message settings. Once done, click Submit.


Entering who will receive the form

In the Advanced tab, type in the email where user submissions will be sent. You can also add several emails who will be receiving form submissions. Simply type in the email address you want to add and click Create option in the drop-down field:



To remove an email from the list of form recipients click the X

Once done, click Submit to confirm the changes.


Editing the confirmation message

Enter the message that your visitors will see after they click the Send button on your form. You can enter a shortcode for any downloadable asset your form senders may be receiving. 



Once done,  click Submit to confirm the changes.


Creating a GDPR-compliant form

When you collect personal information from your visitors, such as names and email addresses, you must obtain consent from your visitors. Add a user consent request field to your contact form by clicking the Display GDPR consent field option.  

Visit this tutorial to learn more about creating text links.


Customizing the form button

You can modify the text in the button by clicking on it and typing in the new words. To change the button color, you can apply the new color palette to your website. Once you have done customizing the form, click Publish to make changes live. 


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