Adding forms to your website

You can collect user messages, inquiries, feedback, or appointment requests by adding a Forms block or blocks that contain forms. 

Adding a Forms block

1. Click on the round "plus" button on the page where you want to add a form.

2. In the Block library, scroll down to Forms:


You have several form options, including a simple form and forms with a map and social media links.

Adding a Headline block

The Headline block contains a pre-designed form as part of the layout. It allows you to add more content next to the form, for example, as part of a landing or "squeeze" page.

To add this block, go to the place on the page where you want to add a block and click the round "plus" button.

In the Block Library, navigate to the Headline blocks and choose the one that contains a form:



Click on the block with the design that you like and it will appear on your page. You can always change the block layout later without losing your content.

Continue customizing your form settings as described in this tutorial.

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