Managing website settings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your website settings such as your address, phone number, social media, and other details.

To open Website settings:

1. Navigate to the top-left area of your Sitebuilder and click on the Website.

2. Choose Website settings from the drop-down menu.


How to edit the General information

Choose the General option to edit the following settings:

  • Your website logo which will be updated throughout your entire website.
  • Your website favicon which you can easily create yourself - learn how.
  • Your website name will show in browser tabs. Learn the best practices for naming your website.
  • The custom code you want to add to your header and footer. For example, these codes might include live chat services, domain verification, or website analytics. You may need to upgrade your plan to access this feature.

Note: this area is not intended for adding content or styles. 

Once you are done modifying General settings, click Save to apply changes. 

How to edit Contact information

Choose Contact info in the Website settings window to add your contact details that will be displayed in header and footer blocks across your entire website. You can add the following details:

  • Business Name: add your business name for better branding and recognition.
  • Business Description: describe your products and services. Read this guide to better business descriptions.
  • Phone: add your phone number in an international format starting with +. This phone number will be displayed in your header and footer, as well in the Business Card block.
  • Address: enter your physical address if your customers can receive services or buy products in your location.
  • Open hours: choose one of the four options in the drop-down menu or add your custom hours by choosing Custom... and entering your business hours in the next window.


  • Social profiles: to add a social media profile to your website, click on Add social profile button and paste the link to your social media profile into the URL field. Add as many links as you like.

Once you are done editing your Contact info settings, click Save, and then Publish to make the changes live.

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