Managing page settings

You can manage your page settings to modify your page's title, tags, and description which helps improve the visibility of your website by search engines. Here's how you can customize your page settings.

1. Navigate to the main menu:



2. Click on Pages... link:



3. From the list of your website pages, choose the one you plan to edit and click on the "gear" Page Settings icon:



4. When you click on the "gear" Page settings icon, a new window opens up. Here you can edit various settings of your page.


Editing the page title

You can modify the page title in a way that will be seen in full in the search results. The average length of page titles in search results is currently 83 characters (at the time of writing), however, the optimal page title length is 55 characters. This title should display well on most devices without truncating.


Note: @#$%^&*()?":{}|<> characters cannot be used in the page title.


Editing page description

When writing page descriptions, try to keep it around 150 characters because Google usually truncates snippets that are longer than 160 characters. Learn more about how to optimize your website for search results.


Editing page keywords

You can enter the most relevant keywords for your page. Keywords on a page are important because they help search engine bots understand your content better so you can rank higher for those keywords.

You can preview how your page title and description will look in search results: 

Adding the publish path

You can customize the URL of your page and make it shorter which may lead to better customer experience.
To learn more about how to set the custom publish path, read this tutorial.

Adding custom code

You can add custom code to the header and footer areas in Page Settings. Please note that this code will be executed after the custom code you have added to Website Settings.
This option is available for premium subscribers only.

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