Entering text on a page

Changing or editing text in Yola Sitebuilder is as easy as clicking on the text box or title you want to edit. You can type your text directly in the browser replacing the placeholder text.  

You can paste text from another program like Microsoft Word or Google Drive into the Sitebuilder. The text will not carry over hidden styling that interferes with how your content displays.


Removing text formatting

To remove existing formatting, highlight the text and click the Clear button, which looks like a crossed-out letter symbol:


The text will be reformated.

Removing demo content

When creating a site with the Sitebuilder, you will see that each block comes pre-loaded with demo content to highlight the design. The demo content is intended as inspiration only!  If you like a block’s content structure, you can edit it and replace the content with your own images and text. To do this, click on any place in the text and start typing. 

Formatting the text

You can make portions of text bold, italic, or underlined. Here's how to do it:

1. Highlight any portion of the text (a word, a sentence, or the whole text paragraph). The control pane will appear.


2. Choose an icon to make the text bold, italic, underscore, add a link, or turn it into a bullet list. You may also find these tutorials useful:

Text formatting

Aligning text on the page


Copying and pasting text

You can copy text from your text editor and paste it directly on the page. The existing formatting will be preserved.

  1. To copy the text into your clipboard: highlight the text to copy and press Command ⌘ +C (iOS) or Ctrl+V (Windows) combination.
  1. To paste the contents of the clipboard at cursor: Press Command ⌘ + V (Mac) or Ctrl+V (Windows) combination.

Tip: to quickly highlight the entire paragraph place your cursor on it and press Command ⌘+A (iOS) or Ctrl+A (Windows).

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